Fukuoka Craft is a craft beer
brewery bringing new traditions

Craft beer lovers and beginners alike will be sure to find
something new and interesting here.

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drinks and food

当店オリジナルのクラフトビール「FUKUOKA CRAFT」だけでなく、世界のクラフトビールを厳選。
Something new will be waiting for you at each visit.

11 taps of ever-changing craft
beer and a large can and bottle list

Fukuoka Craft's tap list and bottle/can list features world-famous craft beer brands alongside the latest trending stars of the craft beer scene. Try a beer flight or choose something new from over 20 different imported bottles and cans.

Authentic Mexican food that goes
great with beer and our other drink offerings

Our menu of authentic Mexican food has everything from snacks to filling tacos and burritos. We also serve South American wines and a wide variety of tequila!

Try our original beer, the only
craft beer brewed right in Daimyo in Fukuoka City!

オリジナルビール「FUKUOKA CRAFT」は、ペールエールとヘイジーIPA、ダブルIPAを定番として、多数の限定ビールを企画しています。


オリジナルで定番の「FUKUOKA CRAFT」は、ペールエールと
as its flagship beers.
for your enjoyment!

Craft Beer as "Drinkable Craftsmanship"

The trend of locally-made craft beer, which reflects the community it is made in, is also represented at Fukuoka Craft.
Beyond making great-tasting beer, we work to represent our community and reflect the values held by our customers.
Drinking craft beer is about connecting with other craft beer enthusiasts and the local community as a whole,
and Fukuoka Craft welcomes you into our community.

Pale Ale
Moderate hoppy bitterness balances with citrus and tropical aromas in this American-style Pale Ale.
It pairs well overall with our food menu.

Hazy IPA
Tropical aromas, a soft mouthfeel, and a cloudy appearance give this beer an almost juicelike quality.
Enjoy the various rich hop flavors in this beer.

Mexican food and beer, the perfect pairing!

While tacos are a mainstay of our menu,
we also offer our take on Mexican barbecue.
Beef, spicy chicken, and more are grilled over charcoal
and served with handmade tortillas.
We also offer fresh, healthy fare such as salads with kale and cilantro, and other spicy vegetable side dishes.
Our carnitas pork tacos, with meat simmered with ginger and oranges, go great with a cold beer.
Come for the beer, stay for the great, filling Mexican food!

Corn chips with salsa and guacamole

We serve homemade salsa and fresh-made guacamole in this classic snack

Kale Ceasar Salad

Healthy, vitamin-rich kale is served Ceasar salad-style


Pork is simmered with ginger and oranges in this authentic taco dish.

Mexican Chicken

Chicken is marinated in our original spice blend and grilled over charcoal.
Served with handmade tortillas so you can make your own tacos or share with friends while drinking beer!



Fukuoka Craft Brewery

Fukuoka Craft in the Media

  • ハナコ

    ハナコ(Hanako)2019年7月号で「FUKUOKA CRAFT」のペールエールとヘイジーIPAが紹介されました!


FUKUOKA CRAFT を お取り扱い希望の店舗様へ

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Address: 1-11-4-1F Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 810-0041

Phone: 092-791-1494

時 間:
・月〜木 17時 〜 24時
・金 17時〜25時
・土 14時〜25時
・日 14時〜24時

Business day: Every day except January 1

Note: Located next to Daimyo Soft Cream